It’s no doubt that trucks do a lot of heavy lifting and a variety of tough, important jobs. The PTO hydraulics of a truck plays a large part in maneuvering through every task imaginable. Hydraulic issues can lead to DOT failure and load-bearing problems. Therefore, any working truck needs high-quality maintenance in order to prevent any unexpected, costly, and potentially dangerous breakdowns. For the best maintenance, it makes sense to go to Barnes Brothers Maintenance Fleet for all hydraulic repairs. Hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO) transfers power from the engine to the hydraulic pump. Thus, converting that power into hydraulic power. The repairing process could mean welding, gluing, and fusing all types of different components. Repair often means working on individual components due to lots of wear and tear from the external environment the truck has been exposed to throughout its life. This is no problem for the Barnes Brother’s experts in hydraulic repair. Barnes Brothers have custom manufactured fittings, cylinders, and other components as needed. From repair of pump installation to cylinder removal, mobile truck repair, and more we are well equipped to handle all of your repair needs with the best customer service.

Get serviced by the best DFW truck mechanics.

Barnes Brothers Fleet Maintenance is located in Dallas, Texas. We have been servicing in truck repair and maintenance since 2005. We have expertly taken on any truck repair your vehicle could need. Our professionalism makes our customers our number one priority so we can best tackle truck and trailer repair, and preventive maintenance. We also have a mobile fleet service where we come to you.! Not only will we handle your PTO/Hydraulic repairs but we also offer a plethora of services like transmission repair, brake adjustment and repair, coolant system repair, fuel system repair, and more. It’s obvious that we’re your one-stop, affordable, shop for all your truck repair needs.