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Trucks and trailers are fitted with brakes that rely on air instead of hydraulic fluid for braking, meaning they can never run out of fluid or lose function due to leaks. This creates a more reliable braking system. Despite that, the heavy weight of a truck can result in strain on its brake components.

This makes regular brake maintenance necessary in order to keep your brakes running optimally and prevent critical issues from arising. At Barnes Brothers, we put safety first and our experienced mechanics work hard to keep your fleet’s brakes running smoothly.

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Why Choose Barnes Brothers


We’ve been providing reliable semi-truck brake repair and adjustment services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over XX years, and we know our way around air brakes better than anyone.

High-Quality Parts

We believe that a  truck is only as strong as its weakest part. For this reason, we provide our clients with the best truck parts available. We work directly with manufacturers to get you parts that won’t break the bank and will perform beautifully.

Mobile Truck Repair

We are fully equipped to handle mobile truck repair around the DFW area with our fleet of service trucks that can be dispatched 24/7 to repair your semi-truck or trailer. If you can’t come to us, no problem! We will send someone over immediately.

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Barnes Brother guarantees efficient repairs at affordable prices. Keep your commercial trucks operating safely at all times with us by your side. Negligence is not worth the risk!

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