Barnes Brothers Truck Repair is fully equipped to handle mobile truck repair and service around Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas with our fleet of service trucks that can be dispatched to repair your semi-truck or trailer anywhere in the DFW area.

From PM service to truck engine problems, our experienced and certified mechanics should be able to fix virtually any truck or trailer repair need right at your location. If we determine we are unable to complete the truck repair at your site, we will call in our wrecker service and have your truck towed to our state-of-the-art truck and trailer repair shop in Dallas, Texas for any work our mobile truck repair service is unable to do.

In addition to mobile truck repairs, we can set up a recurring mobile truck service in the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area to be at your location every morning when you start work or throughout the day to make any mobile truck repairs requested by your drivers at their location. Furthermore, by maintaining detailed records on all your trucks and trailers our mobile truck service will be able to coordinate scheduled PM’s when your trucks are down and not making deliveries.

To experience the benefits of a professional mobile truck service in Dallas, Texas, contact Barnes Brother Truck Repair today.