The best repair is one that you never have to pay for in the first place. Often, preventative maintenance is much cheaper than fixing something after it has already broken or failed. Staying on top of preventative maintenance reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and can prevent MAJOR repair needs in the future.

The Best Truck Mechanics in DFW

We are proud of our team. Each mechanic at Barnes Brothers is meticulous in their work. We take pride in serving our clients from Fort Worth to Dallas proper. That includes major hubs like Irving, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, and Plano. With our mobile fleet and truck services, we are able to come to you. This includes many preventative maintenance services.

From brakes to steering and suspension maintenance, our team does it all. We will fill your tires with nitrogen so that they expand and contract less with hot Texas temperatures. We’ll give your engine a tune-up and work on your muffler and exhaust systems so that your truck drives more smoothly and economically. We work on transmissions and clutches so that you can take on different terrains and highways. Each service that we provide is designed to ensure that your truck stays on the road, not in the shop.

We’ve Got What Trucks Need

In our shop, we have a large truck alignment machine that can quickly and effectively align Class 4+ trucks. Not only are our mechanics the best truck mechanics in DFW, but we also have some of the best tools available in our shop as well. As trucks continue to evolve every year, so to do the maintenance requirements. We stay ahead of the curve because that’s what it takes to be the best service center around.

If you have needs, feel free to call our team and we’ll make an appointment that will be the most convenient for you.