Coolant system repair is a simple but often forgotten maintenance step, sometimes resulting in dangerous situations. Driving a commercial truck is a display of skill and safety as you navigate ten’s of thousand’s of lbs. between moving traffic safely to the destination. With that comes the responsibility of making sure your truck is in top shape to avoid any unexpected issues that could cause road hazards, a seized engine being one of the most concerning.

Engine coolant is a simple approach to engine overheating. The coolant is pumped through the engine bay to relieve the hottest components of some of their heat. Not only does this help avoid engine failure, it also helps keep the engine at optimal temperatures needed for maximum power delivery and minimal wear on parts.

Monitoring coolant systems takes a more direct approach as waiting for something to malfunction can be costly. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Coolant levels are falling faster than normal.
  • Dark spots on the engine or road, indicating moisture is accumulating due to imbalanced cooling.
  • Loss of power on particularly hot days.
  • Coolant color has changed from its original green, yellow or orange. This can indicate rust within the system or internal leaks from other fluid systems.
  • Some coolants have a chemical that produces a sweet smell when it begins burning for instant indication of overheating.

Experiencing any of these signs or overdue for a check-up? Barnes Brothers Truck Repair in Dallas, Texas understands the never-ending list of maintenance to be done both under the hood and around the trailer and has the expert staff needed to precisely and efficiently diagnose your truck today. Let us bring you peace of mind the next time you get on the road for an 18-hour shift by keeping both you and your engine safe.