Taking care of your investment is an easy way to get the longest service life when it comes to your truck’s needs, one of the most important being the transmission and clutch. With gear changes occurring with up to 80,000 lb. fully loaded, you may be needing transmission and clutch repair services more often than you thought.

Take a look at some of the more common symptoms of a failing transmission or clutch:

  • Your vehicle is chugging or making strange noises while in neutral, typically a sign for new transmission oil or replacement parts.
  • Clutch drag happens frequently making it difficult to change gears and sometimes emits a grinding sound.
  • Burning smells start coming from the engine, typically due to overheating transmission or transmission fluid.
  • You get no response when attempting to change gears.
  • Shaking, whining, humming or banging occurs when you shift gears.

These repairs can be costly, but are necessary in keeping your truck on the road with regular maintenance cutting down on overall repair costs. This cost is due to your transmission being made up of hundreds of moving parts driving your vehicle. Intense driving conditions regularly encountered on the road can quickly deteriorate transmission fluid as well. This vital fluid cools, lubricates, protects and fights build-up all at once which can lead to more frequent changes depending on your mileage. The average fluid replacement is every 500,000 miles or 250,000 if you drive under extreme conditions or loads.

Barnes Brothers Truck Repair in Dallas, Texas has years of experience in large and commercial trucks. If you have any concerns about your transmission or clutch, let us know and we’ll get your truck repaired and back to its former glory. Every repair comes with a comprehensive report on transmission areas of concern, with expert advice on what the next steps are, whether a quick fluid change or a full overhaul of the transmission, we’ve got you covered.