Barnes Brothers is your reliable commercial semi-truck tire repair service provider in the DFW area. We dedicate our efficient services to ensure your fleet is road-ready anytime. Discover how our alignment solutions established us as the best in the area.

We Keep Your Semi-Truck Tires Correctly Aligned

Keeping commercial truck fleets in top shape is important. Sometimes, semi-truck tires slip out of place, trying to keep up with the demands of your operations. These unexpected tire issues can lead to delays and downtime.

Let our team of highly skilled technicians keep you on track by providing prompt and effective tire repair services. Our mechanics are ready to inspect your vehicles and ensure they are safe to drive for your next delivery.

Over 15 Years in the Industry

We have been in business for over a decade, making us confident in our unmatched tire repair expertise. Whether your semi-truck tires have small punctures and sidewall damage or worn-out treads and consistent squealing, we have seen them all and have the appropriate solutions.

At Barnes Brothers, we work with all major commercial truck tire providers, ensuring that you obtain only the best quality products for your fleet. When you work with the best, expect only the best.

Get a Free Truck Wheel Alignment Check

Are you uncertain whether the trucks in your fleet need repairs or maintenance? Don’t worry! With our Hunter Alignment machine, we can immediately confirm any suspicions of misalignment on your vehicles and promptly address them. Get a truck alignment inspection now!

Barnes Brothers: Your Commercial Truck Tire Repair Experts

Leaving truck tire issues unaddressed can significantly slow your operations down. Contact Barnes Brothers today to experience the reliable and efficient semi-truck tire repair services that made us the go-to choice in the DFW area.