For the protection of both drivers and the environment, mufflers and exhaust systems have become standard in all vehicles as well as becoming more complex over the years as stricter regulations regarding emissions are introduced. As with any mechanical part, leaks and damages can start to occur in your exhaust system that could lead to noxious fumes hurting you or your driver as well as the possibility of a fire starting if fumes are allowed to accumulate.

Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer Repair of Dallas, Texas has the staff and equipment available to diagnose any muffler or exhaust system. The team’s expertise on commercial and heavy-duty trucks means knowing the signs to look out for as well as the most cost effective fixes available. See if any of the team’s common concerns match what you’re experiencing:

  • Extra engine noise, especially from cold starts and during acceleration.
  • Fuel efficiency and power both start to drop, causing your engine to struggle uphill or with heavy loads.
  • Burning smells coming from the engine bay or smells of gas within the cab.
  • Dragging or dangling mufflers, possibly falling off during a drive creating a road hazard.

Routine maintenance on your exhaust system is crucial for the service life of your engine as well as protecting you, other drivers and your company as a failing exhaust can cause emissions testing to fall out of compliance taking time and money to get back up to par. Preventing this along with driver and civilian injury means one less thing to worry about both on and off the road.

If your truck is showing any of the above signs, let us take an expert look under the hood all the way to the muffler for a full exhaust system inspection. Our team can perform repairs on site with any part ordering or intense repair work being discussed and worked out to fit your schedule and budget.