We Specialize in Electrical System Repairs for Commercial Trucks and Semi-Trucks

We can maintain, service or repair the electrical systems for your commercial trucks and semi-trucks. Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer repair are electrical experts. Worried about the electrical wiring inside the cab or engine?

Don’t Take Any Risks, If Your Electricals Aren’t Right Fix It

For the safety of your driver and the preservation of your vehicle, get in touch with us and we’ll ensure your electrical systems are fixed, maintained or serviced.

When it comes to electrical faults and issues on older trucks, ‘bad ground’ could be to blame. That’s the name given to when a ground wire or circuit has more resistance than it should have due to rust or corrosion in the wiring harness of pin connections. Often the corrosion is caused by a hole in the wire’s insulation or a faulty connector seal. That is a big issue for modern trucks which are controlled and monitored via an electronic control unit (ECU). 

These days ECUs control everything from the engine and transmission to anti-lock braking systems (ABS), instruments, lighting control modules (LCM) and even the supplemental restraint systems (SRS). That means electrical system repair and proper maintenance is more important today than it ever has been for your fleet of trucks or semi-trucks. 

Aside from ‘bad ground’ there are other issues that can affect your truck’s wiring and electrical systems. Sometimes aftermarket equipment was incorrectly installed by a poor mechanic, or there’s an unsecured, overly-secured or even stretched wiring harness. Vibration from a diesel engine can even loosen electrical components by rattling them free. 

Our troubleshooting methods using wiring schematics, DTCs, checking fuses, voltage checks, digital multimeter checks (and much more) can all help diagnose the issue. Then, we’ll quickly fix it, run some more checks and return your vehicle in perfect condition.

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