At Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer Repair, we offer a supreme brake system service for commercial trucks and trailers. We offer truck brake repair and adjustments both in our shop as well as through our mobile fleet service. If your truck or trailer has a major brake problem and cannot be brought in, our mobile fleet service will fix your brakes on-site. 

Truck Brake Repair Services

Our brake repair services are offered to semi-truck vehicles as well as tank trucks, flatbed trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and 18-wheeler trucks. We keep a fleet of trucks at their best with our quality brake parts. 

Our Superior Trailer Brake Service

The trailer brake service we offer at Barnes Brothers is superb due to our experienced mechanics who ensure the safety of your trailers and keep the brakes working effectively with no more defects.

What Differentiates Our Brake System Service

The brake system service at Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer Repair involves brakes that utilize air instead of hydraulic fluid for stopping vehicles via the brake. As such, your truck or trailer will not be able to run out of hydraulic fluid or stop working because of a leak. 

Therefore, brakes that are relying on air are more effective in trucks and trailers. However, the heaviness of a truck can negatively impact its brake parts. Due to this, it is essential for trucks, big or small, to undergo regular maintenance and ensure their brakes are working well. Our mechanics will keep your brakes from having any major issues so that you can safely get to your destination.

Affordable and Good Quality Parts

We know that good-quality braking systems are essential to keep you safe on the road. Our mechanics partner with the right manufacturers to get you affordable yet high-quality parts to ensure your truck or trailer is driving securely and effectively.

For a superior truck brake repair service and a trailer brake service in Dallas, Texas, call Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer Repair at (972) 241-9111.