Your Commercial Trucks and Semi-Trucks Are in Good Hands

When it comes to steering and suspension for trucks and semi-trucks we’re the local experts. With Barnes Brothers Truck and Trailer repair, your vehicles are always in good hands. 

Maintain Your Trucks and Semi-Trucks Now, Avoid Issues Later

Steering and suspension are vitally important for the health of the driver and the absolute reliability of the vehicle. However, problems often start to occur as a vehicle ages. 

A three to five-year-old truck with 500,000 miles on it will often have a few undercarriage issues. It’s not unusual for there to be loose U-bolts, especially on trucks with under-slung suspension. 

The weight of the truck can rest on the nut and that can stretch the bolt over time. First, the axel begins moving around within the assembly. Next, a host of other problems begin to impact the vehicle. Maybe you’ve got misalignment, cocked air springs, loose spring packs or a shaking steering wheel from worn brake rotors, pads, or calipers. Wheel issues may also develop.

Our maintenance services could save you a lot of money in the future. Don’t wait for issues that require repairs. Alongside our suspension and steering expertise in our fully-equipped premises, we have a large truck alignment machine that can quickly and effectively align Class 4+ trucks. 

Trucks and semi-trucks constantly evolve. New models improve year-on-year, so our services do, too. We’re committed to providing the very best, most up-to-date (high tech and high spec) maintenance and repairs.

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