Did you know that a vast majority of the semi-trucks on the road are driving on misaligned wheels? If you notice that the tread patterns of your trucks are beginning to appear uneven, then it’s time to schedule a semi-truck alignment in Dallas.

Barnes Brothers has a team of technicians and mechanics that are experienced in providing commercial truck alignment services. Keeping your tires aligned with our help can let you save on costs in the long run. That’s why when searching for “semi-truck alignment near me,” Barnes Brothers has you covered.

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Signs You Need Semi-Truck Alignment Services

Commercial fleet owners who want their trucks to bring in the most profits will need to make sure that their vehicles can operate to the best of their abilities. Providing them with regular semi-truck alignment services ensures that the trucks can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Some of the main signs that indicate your fleet may need alignment servicing soon include:

  • Noticing uneven or excessive tire wear
  • Drivers having a hard time driving in a straight line
  • Trucks are beginning to experience poor fuel consumption
  • Vehicles are frequently drifting

When truck tires aren’t aligned accordingly, drivers will start noticing increased resistance throughout their trips. The problem here is that it can make it more difficult to steer these vehicles and keep them aligned on the road. Additional resistance isn’t only a safety hazard but can reduce fuel efficiency as well.

Additionally, you’ll notice that poorly aligned trucks will have tires that are facing inward or outward rather than just straight ahead. In case you need the tire rods of your vehicles tightened or loosened, our team at Barnes Brothers has you covered.

Importance of Semi-Truck Alignment

Making sure that the wheels of your trucks are well-maintained comes with its own perks. Tires that are properly aligned will have less roll resistance on the road. Less friction has many benefits such as providing increased tire lifespan and fuel economy while reducing driver fatigue and component wear.

Meanwhile, the alignments on the front end of your commercial trucks are particularly important. This is because the wheels from the back need to stay in line with their tracks. Any misalignment here can result in vehicles being pushed to the side even when driving in a straight line.

Another advantage of semi-truck alignment is that it can resolve issues when drivers begin fighting the wheels. Such a service will make sure that the effects of misaligned wheels are fixed as soon as possible.

Get Semi-Truck Alignment in Dallas Today

If you’re looking for professional semi-truck alignment in Dallas, you can’t go wrong with us at Barnes Brothers. Our team of trained and experienced technicians can keep your wheels aligned to avoid the potential problems that come with any misalignments.

Noticing any of the above signs is an indicator that you should visit us for an inspection. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment.